About our company

Business Networking & Research Excellence @ a glance

International Institute of Business Networking (IIBN) is a modern and dynamic centre providing significant networking opportunities for foreign businesses in Russia.
IIBN is extending networking opportunities between Russian and foreign companies through offering core services of business research and consultancy, and also by arranging contacts with Russian top companies, enterprises, business associations, research and financial institutions, investment funds, administrative bodies and local authorities in Russia.
IIBN’s professional services and activities are based on comprehensive research, consultancy and expertise provided through international partnerships between universities, research institutes and industries.
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If you are interested in business start-ups, or expansion into the Russian market, key advantages of applying for professional services and activities through IIBN:

  • Extended platform for business research & consultancy that can be provided by international expert groups;
  • Efficient transfer and direct applicability of expert knowledge to the most demanding business needs;
  • Improving & optimizing the customer‘s business idea, characteristics and parameters of the customer‘s product (services) for business in Russia;
  • All in-pack: full range of services from business concept design to realization (one-stop-shop);
  • Complex and optimal expert solutions for Russian and foreign companies;
  • Significant facilities for business networking in Russia;
  • Comprehensive sourcing opportunities for business support (comprising investment search and assistance with finding office space, recruiting of key personnel; bookkeeping, secretarial, legal services, insurance and logistics).