Market Research (Information and Marketing Analysis)

Outcomes (benefits) for companies:

  • Assessment of the demand and competitive landscape for your product or service at the Russian market
  • Analysis of market and business opportunities in Russia in accordance with the Customer’s request
  • Providing recommendations of business profiles and scheme for business partner selection
  • Providing recommendations towards improving practical applicability of the Customer’s business idea for business start-ups, or expansion into the Russian market
Best Practices and Methodologies of Market Research
Our company provides a full range of marketing research for Russian and foreign companies, which includes: methodology design, collection of qualitative and quantitative data, comprehensive data analysis as well as the elaboration of direct recommendations and guidelines.

The fields of our core expertise:

  • Market insights / reviews. Our experts can analyze the major trends at the Russian market, provide detailed information what factors are driving particular trends, evaluate the performance of your company and your major competitors, and identify the current and future demand for your product or service;
  • Product design and testing. Our team can help you to test your products and ideas in line with your target groups as well as identify the best way to launch your product according to current market trends and opportunities;
  • Customer experience and loyalty management. Our research can assess behavior of your current and potential consumer segments and provide the information of the customer experience related to your brand and product, in particular: plans to purchase your product or migrate to other brand/company, product satisfaction, factors that drives customer loyalty, evaluation of how your products/services fit personal values and attitudes of your current and potential customers;
  • Brand perception and value. Our team can estimate and provide you with detailed information of what your target segments are, what they value the most, what factors influence their perception of brands in general and your brand in particular, what your brand performance represent against your competitors.

Our team is experienced and specialized on the following techniques of marketing research: Focus Group Discussions, Expert Interviews, Phone Surveys, Face-to-Face Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Desk Review, Hall Test and etc.